Natasha is classical crossover singer in the Neoclassical new-age genre with Operatic, Celtic & Ambient influences. Her voice has been described as pure, angelic and powerful. One listen and her voice will captivate and lure you into her enchanting, mysterious fantasy world of darkness and light.

Natasha thought her calling was to be an actress, and started singing to add a feather to her bow.  It was not until she discovered her passion for singing that she realised this was her true calling. Her passion for both music and theatre form the basis of her unique style; she has spent many years perfecting a combination of classical and operatic styles with a pop edge. Her influences come from the ethereal voices of Enya, Sarah McLachlan, the operatic voices of Renee Fleming and Angela Georgiou; musically from the film composers Hans Zimmer, Alan Silvestri, Gabriel Yared and artists Enigma, Deep Forest and Faithless.

Natasha accidentally started song writing at the tender age of 17 when she was writing her own poems to heal the pain of her first heartbreak, she continued to experiment in different musical genres until the right time when her voice was ready to be able to sing the way she has been able to in her dreams. Natasha is trained in both Classical and Contemporary traditions, her approach has seen her work on several classically inspired projects, including working with Ferrari, concerts of her favourite operatic works, as well as those she has penned herself.  Featured on this page is an arrangement she wrote for Film Composer, Michael A Levine’s ‘Crossing the Highway’, which he dedicated as a threnody for the victims of the Paris attack in November 2015.

As a songwriter she has a deep admiration for popular song writing legends Simon & Garfunkel, Prince, and George Michael. She has written and co-produced a pop album under her pseudonym Jasmine June and as a keen poet and lover of prose she continues to write her own poetry. Whilst the works of Puccini occupy a special place in her heart, Natasha’s infectious belief in the captivating power of music has risen from her childhood experiences and the realization of getting through life living as an empath. She has a remarkable stage presence and special rapport with the audience.

Natasha’s pure angelic voice and her dramatic approach allow you to journey through the whirlwind and romance of falling in love. Natasha is currently working on her debut album ‘Lost in Love’.


Recording Flute for my album!

Album Update!  Recording Flute for my Album! Recently I was in the studio recording flute for my album!  I am a very lucky girl, and I am lucky enough to have Nick Lacey, an awesomely talented and amazing Flautist play on my album.  I felt like I had been...

Recording Double Bass for my Album!

Album update! As you may know, I am currently recording my debut album which has operatic, Celtic and ambient influences. To create a really organic feel to the album I have put together a team of very talented musicians, most recently I was working with...

Lost in Love Candlelight Concert

I love writing songs and music, but more than that I love singing!  It was a pleasure to be able to perform at in my candlelight concert as part of the Crouch End Festival.  The weather was perfect, the birds were singing, we had a full house, it was just as I had...

Recording Trumpet & Trombone for my album!

I was lucky to be in the studio recently with the very gifted brass player Graham Pike! Graham plays trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone and chromatic harmonica; he plays with his quartet regularly and is well respected in the industry as a TV/Theatre MD and Composer, I am...

Recording Piano for my Album!

Piano to me is probably my favourite instrument.  Piano was the first instrument I learned as a child so I have a lot of attachments to the piano, especially when I hear 'Fur Elise', that piece invokes so many childhood memories .... Mrs Crawford, her black front...

Amazing Session Recording Harp

To get the ethereal, fantasy, Celtic theme throughout my album, I wanted to have a beautiful harp in some of my songs. I was lucky enough to have the very talented harpist Anna Quiroga come to the studio to record with her wonderful instrument. Recording harp was a...

Recording Cello for my Album!

ALBUM UPDATE: Over the last few months I have been working on my debut album which is being produced by the amazing Tom E Morrison and I am so happy at the results so far! We have finished four tracks from the album and we have been busy recording my vocals, recording...

Lord of the Rings Violinist Plays On My Album!

ALBUM UPDATE: I am currently working on my debut album! All the tracks on my album combine my operatic classical-crossover vocals with a fusion of orchestral, Celtic, ambient and neo-classical elements.  My goal for the album is to have 10 tracks, with a nice...

Welcome to my blog page!

Welcome to my blog! Here you will find out what I have been up to and news about my forthcoming album! If you want to be the first to hear about my news why not sign up to my newsletter! I look forward to sharing my journey with you! In Love & Light, Natasha...





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I am a classical crossover singer-songwriter.

I am currently recording my debut album which has

operatic, Celtic & ambient influences.

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