Piano to me is probably my favourite instrument.  Piano was the first instrument I learned as a child so I have a lot of attachments to the piano, especially when I hear ‘Fur Elise’, that piece invokes so many childhood memories …. Mrs Crawford, her black front door, the wooden metronome she kept on the top of her piano, the pond that she had in her garden full of frogs, the list goes on…anyway I digress, so as voice is my main instrument I am always in awe of those who have been able to master the piano.  That is why I love working with pianists, and especially my favourite pianist Stefano Marzanni.

Stefano is an uber gifted musician and I absolutely love working with him, there are many times that he plays something to me and then turns around to me and asks me ‘what about this?’ and I am crying because it is so beautiful. I am very blessed to be able to have him playing on my album!

Here are a few pics from when we were in the studio recently recording on two of my latest songs for the album and a little behind the scenes snippet.

Natasha Hardy and Stefano Marzanni






Stefano Marzanni






Stefano Marzanni and Tom E Morrison






Stefano Marzanni and Tom E Morrison








Thank you for joining me on my musical adventure! Until next time…

In love & light,

Natasha x