Over the last few months I have been working on my debut album which is being produced by the amazing Tom E Morrison and I am so happy at the results so far! We have finished four tracks from the album and we have been busy recording my vocals, recording violin, harp, cello, bass and percussion.

As you are sharing this exciting journey with me I invite you backstage to see my album coming together with the combined effort of many talented musicians.  I am really honoured to have you here!

RECORDING CELLO:  Recently we recorded cello with the very talented cellist Alice Sophie. Alice was recording some lush long lines and also quite a bit of pizzicato, which (to me) sounded like rainbow drops! She was working so hard she got a blister, but being the true professional she is, she carried on using a different finger – bless her – all in the name of art! I love the cello, and Alice bought the notes truly alive with her beloved cello ‘Michelangelo’. An awesome days recording!

A few pics and a clip of Alice recording a perfect take.

Alice Sophie and Natasha Hardy

Alice Sophie

Alice Sophie and Tom E Morrison



Thank you for joining me on my musical adventure! Until next time…

In love & light,

Natasha x