To get the ethereal, fantasy, Celtic theme throughout my album, I wanted to have a beautiful harp in some of my songs. I was lucky enough to have the very talented harpist Anna Quiroga come to the studio to record with her wonderful instrument. Recording harp was a otherworldly experience, I felt like I had travelled back in time!

RECORDING HARP:  It took some time to get the harp into the studio (her harp is taller than me) but we managed it in the end!  Anna recorded on four of my tracks.  Anna was an amazing and managed to bring the notes on the page to life, even if those notes were a page on an i-pad!

Here are a few pics from the day and a clip of Anna playing:

Anna Quiroga

Anna Quiroga

Anna Quiroga and Natasha Hardy


Thank you for joining me on my musical adventure! Until next time…

In love & light,

Natasha x